Are You Ready To LEAD Your Son
To Being A Respectful, Resilient Man...
And Reduce The Stress of Parenting Him At The Same Time?

(Even If You’ve ‘Tried Everything’ And Still Feel Like You’ve Failed Your Him)

How do you help your son to grow into a great man?
...and what can I expect along the way?

First of all, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Parenting my sons has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

It has been a job I’ve taken seriously and have also had a lot of fun with…

I remember a time my wife and I took our boys swimming.  They were maybe 5 and 6 years old (they are 19 months apart).

As we played in the water, a boat roared by, creating waves and making lots of noise.  The boys ”ooh’d“ and “aaah’d”.

As the boat cruised out of sight, I made a joke about a fish being hauled behind the boat in the water, flapping my lips and making choking sounds.

Both boys looked at me for a moment and laughed from the bottom of their bellies…they must have pictured the scene in their minds.

It was the first indication of a brilliant sense of humor forming, and they are both comedians to this day.

They may be joksters…but get them to talk...?

It’s like pulling teeth!

If I didn’t word my questions carefully over the years, our supper table conversation would look something like this:

Me: “How was your day?”

Them: “Good.”

Me: “What did you do?”

Them: “Nothing.”

AAAND that would be it.

To contrast that conversation, I’ll share my experience with one of my nieces. 

I picked her up from school one day.  She was probably 14 or so at the time (she’s the same age as my boys).

From the time she sat in the front seat of the car, to the time I dropped her off, she never stopped talking. 

She talked about everything from school, to plans after graduation (still years away!), to pets – all while I sat back, drove, and listened.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed every minute of it…it was a nice change from the “normal”.

If I had picked up my boys, I would have struggled to get three words out of them.

Boys don’t talk much, do they?

Really, I can’t complain. My parenting experience has been mostly a positive one. 

Oh, we’ve had our issues.  I have no secret formula…but I DO have some tricks up my sleeve…

Yeah, I’d say I have developed strategies over time that made my life easier when it came to raising my boys.

And if I can do it – YOU CAN TOO.

Does any of these sound familiar?

"It takes so much effort to raise my son"

"I'm angry and's so frustrating!"

"...I feel like giving up..."

"I don't know what to do, I'm losing my mind!"

"I feel like I've failed my son."


"I might as well go beat my head against the wall!"

It Doesn't have to Be This Way!

When my wife became pregnant with my first son, I was excited… and scared to death.

I didn't know what to do.

I mean, how do you become the primary caretaker of a small, defenceless human being? 

That's a huge responsibility!

How do you raise them into productive, socially responsible beings capable of doing whatever they put their mind to?

How do you keep them on track (...or "in line" as the need arises)?

How do you deal with the problems they bring to you?

These are just some of the questions I asked myself.

To be clear, I had a great upbringing. 

They provided abundantly for my needs so, in theory, I had a great foundation to answer these and other questions.

However, being in the driver’s seat is much different than being a passenger.

Raising boys can certainly be challenging, but it’s also a joy to see them growing into responsible, confident young men.

If you are experiencing major issues right now, I want you to know that I believe there is ALWAYS hope.

I believe it’s just a matter of getting the right strategies in place, at the right time, to see positive change in our boys and gain benefits for us at the same time.

Google Will Give You Lots Of Answers, But It Will Never Give You An Experienced Person To Walk Alongside You

When my first boy was on the way, the first thing I did was pray for wisdom. 

I was quickly shown the key to raising a strong, resilient boy…

Creating a strong vision!

CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations are faced with making million dollar decisions every day; how do they choose a direction?

Being in the industry, I know - they bring in experts to help them form a solid vision to guide their decisions.

So if a CEO always has a vision or desired outcome for his or her organization, why should a parent not have a vision with supporting strategies so they can make better decisions and reduce the stress related to raising boys?

Speaking of which, Google is FULL of parenting strategies.

I searched Google for “how to deal with my teenage son on drugs”.

66.5M hits were returned.

It’s safe to say Google gives you several strategies to deal with your son using drugs

MY question is, how will you decide which strategy to use?

We’re all unique, aren’t we?

Every situation is different…and there are always things in play that we don’t consider.

A concept that coaching hockey taught me early on in my career was that the human mind shuts down during high emotional states. 

You can’t think straight if you’re under stress.

Raising sons causes stress.  You search Google to help you deal with the cause of the stress…and you have several strategies to deal with it…and don’t know which one to choose or how to apply it correctly…which causes more stress.

Google doesn’t give you an objective, trained, experienced mind to rely on during those times where you can’t see through the fog of stress and hurt.

That’s where I come in.

Working with a parent coach works similar to a CEO hiring experts to help them decide on the best strategies to follow. 

We help YOU choose the right strategies to implement FOR YOU and provide support while you implement those strategies while you navigate something much more valuable than a million-dollar decision – a human life!

I Provide Experience, Support, And Leadership
To Help YOU Make Good Decisions Consistently

In my Facebook group, I polled my members to discover what they generally do to solve problems related to raising their sons.

The two top answers were:  1) Search Google and 2) Talk to family and friends

I was encouraged by those answers because it shows parents understand that they don’t have to parent alone, which actually happens to be a parenting competency we discuss in my program: seeking help.

Over thirty years of research has been boiled down to a few competencies that every successful parent should have – and seeking help in times of need is one of them.

Would you like to engage with an objective sounding board that happens to be an experienced parent of boys, a proven organizational leader, and a certified life coach?

I’ve utilized my knowledge and skills to develop a 12-week group program that will enable you to do just that!

If you've reached the point of feeling SO overwhelmed And you want:

  • To increase YOUR OWN mental, emotional, and physical health so you can get your OWN life back and still give your sons the attention they need
  • To understand your son’s needs and balance providing abundantly for them while keeping yourself happy and healthy
  • To effectively manage the stress of raising boys
  • To have MORE FEELINGS OF SUCCESS rather than failure
  • Avoid losing your son to drugs and alcohol abuse, gangs, and a host of health issues (like anxiety)
  • To save time and money spent on getting your son good grades
  • To understand when to say ‘No’ and give you confidence to say it

As my boys matured…I found that I had to step in less and less because they were making sound decisions for themselves.

Even when I did step have to step in, I didn’t have to implement huge strategies and make a big deal of the situation because they already knew that they were out of line.

To get to that point, I implemented a couple of simple strategies (which I cover in the program).

My boys have received rave reviews for their performance and attitude in school and at work (when they began to work outside of the home).

What a feeling to have managers and owners arrive at your table in the restaurant where your boys work and say, "You have a couple of awesome, hard-working boys!"

...a proud Mom and Dad moment for sure!

Speaking of which, would you like to KNOW which strategy works BEST to get your son to get off the couch and get a job?

Through my almost 20 years of parenting and coaching, I've developed my own arsenal of tools and techniques…

…tools and techniques that can help YOU deal with these issues confidently so you can sleep better at night.

We all know the importance sleep has in regards to our outlook on life!

The parents I coach deal with one, some, or many of these issues:

  • ...and many more!

I understand the struggle and it isn't fun dealing with these behaviours.

Did I mention that I've raised two sons of my own and have coached a hundred others?

I’ve had to deal with some of these issue a time or two…

You don’t get to where I am in a land of sunshine and rainbows!

The LEAD YOUR SON Program Is Designed
To Provide Support In A Safe Environment For YOU!

Being a manager in public and private organizations, I’m familiar with privacy and confidentiality issues.

 I understand some people may not be open to sharing thoughts and feelings publicly.

 That’s why I make confidentiality and privacy part of my coaching agreement.

 When you work with me in the Lead Your Son program, you get:

  • 12 WEEKLY SESSIONS by video conference
  • KNOWLEDGE that accelerates your leadership skills boosts your confidence in your own abilities
  • CLARITY on the desired outcome you have for your son, how you apply that vision to leading him, and a personalized plan on how to get achieve your vision
  • PRACTICE applying the leadership strategies that make sense for you and your family
  • WORK ASSIGNMENTS that help you understand your own situation and how it applies to parenting (assignments are simple and easy, I promise...well, maybe I shouldn't promise that...but I will promise the work we do will be eye-opening)

Stop MANAGING Start LEADING Your Son So You Can Reduce Your Stress And Motivate Your Son To Succeed

You may be dealing with some of the areas I mention above, or maybe there are other issues that you struggle with...either way, I know it feel like a failure, a fraud, and you wonder where you went wrong!

I have a Five Dimension approach in the Lead Your Son coaching program:

DRINK-IN  (Learn)

  • how to use the most powerful word in your vocabulary
  • the BEST STRATEGY you can use to avoid losing your son to the "thug life"
  • 10 STEPS FOR OVERCOMING negative behaviour challenges

DESIGN (You plan with my help)

  • create a solid vision to guide you and your son


  • powerful homework assignments to transform how you think about parenting

DEVELOP (Coaching)

  • your strengths and how to apply them in any situation
  • ONE TOOL that will save you loads of cash on tutors and build your relationship with your son at the same time
  • application of proven PARENTING COMPETENCIES so you can be confident as you lead your son
  • application of organizational LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES to enhance your parenting skills

DIRECT (execute your vision)

  • practice communicating effectively with your boys to build and maintain a strong relationship
  • practice managing your emotions to avoid reacting or over-reacting in stressful situation

And remember – all this is accomplished with support in a safe sharing environment!

If YOU Want To Gain Control Over YOUR Parenting Life, let's work together now!

Hi!  I’m Pat Boone.

 I want to share a bit about me, so you know who you’re reading about!

 I have been married for 20 years and am a father of two boys.

 I have coached youth hockey for almost 10 years.  After receiving a life coaching certification from the ICF certified Christian Coach Institute, I discovered a passion to coach parents who raise boys.

 I realized through my years of coaching that a coach/mentor/teacher can never replace a parent, so I want to help parents be the best that they can be!

 In fact, I coach parents to LEAD their sons rather than manage or “parent” them.

 Thanks for stopping by.  I hope we connect real soon!

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