How Do You Have Your Dream Job
WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Family?

(Even Though You Already Feel Tired, Stressed, Anxious And Overloaded)

Are you a parent with a son and wanting to transform your life?  

It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, divorced, or widowed; if you’ve been itching to start something new, but don’t know what you should do or where to start – I’ve got great news: 

You can start right here AND right now!

My 12 week program is open and waiting for you to join other parents who want the same thing.

If You FEEL Like...

– You have a history of making “BAD” decisions
– You are directionless and unfocused
– You are financially unstable
– You struggle with family relationships
– You are naïve and unsure of yourself
– You struggle in your spiritual life
– Or you are generally unsatisfied with life
…and you want to improve, but don’t know where to start

After The Lead Your Son Program...

– You make reliable decisions
– You are focused and self-assured
– You are financially resilient
– You maintain strong relationships
– You are more in control over your thoughts and actions
– You are able to lead spiritually
– And you are confident, decisive and loving
…you know where you want to be and how to get there!

coach boone closeup

Hi!  I’m Pat Boone.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I love helping people.

Until recently, I didn’t fully understand the capacity in which I would carry out my purpose.  I’ve operated several businesses and have learned a lot from my successes and failures.

I have also been married for 20 years and am a father of two teenage boys.

I have coached youth hockey for almost 10 years, which means I’ve coached another 100+ boys as well.  

After receiving a life coaching certification from the ICF certified Christian Coach Institute, I discovered a passion to coach parents who raise boys.

I realized through my years of coaching that a coach / mentor / teacher can never replace a parent, so I help parents be the best that they can be by giving them the tools to lead themselves and their family!

Where I Received My Training


The LEAD YOUR SON Program Is Designed To Provide
Personal Connection And Learning In A Safe Environment

Having been a manager in public and private organizations, I’m familiar with personality, privacy, and confidentiality issues.

I understand some people may not be open to sharing thoughts and feelings publicly.

That’s why I make confidentiality and privacy part of my coaching agreement.

What you'll get:

  • 12 WEEKLY SESSIONS with Pat by video conference
  • KNOWLEDGE that accelerates your leadership skills AND boosts confidence in your own abilities
  • CLARITY on the desired outcomes for YOU and for YOUR FAMILY
  • A PERSONALIZED PLAN to achieve your vision
  • PRACTICE applying the leadership strategies that make sense for you and your family
  • PERSONALIZED WORK ASSIGNMENTS that; help you understand your own situation and how it applies to parenting; clarify your purpose; and help you relate better to others
  • NOTE: Assignments really are simple and easy, I promise...well, maybe I shouldn't promise that...but I will promise the work we do will be eye-opening

What People Say About Me...

"Both boys truly enjoyed you behind the bench in their minor hockey career. Your strengths...patience....your ability to talk to an upset player and within a couple shifts they were back to normal, so I'd say counseling at the drop of a hat, You are able to look at the bigger picture when failure was for certain, so an optimistic nature is something you also have. A coach on the bench and a friend outside the rink who will make time to stop and talk to a former player/parent. I have always tried to live by the 3 D's: 1) Determination 2) Dedication 3) possess all of those!"
Mike F
"You're passionate. You challenged the players to exceed what they expected from themselves. You encouraged players to contribute ideas. A Pat Boone PP drill was a collaboration, rather than a tutorial. You let players display some individualism and improvisation... within a team framework.
One last point: I have seen a lot of coaches who display their 'passion' by the volume of the words coming out of their're the quietest 'passionate' person I ever met."
Jim M
"I just wanted to let let you know that you were one of the only coaches that actually taught and showed me that I can apply [what you taught] into the real world. You teach and reach people like me on a deeper level. You may not see it and they may not say anything, but you teach each player differently and know their strengths and weaknesses.
The thing that makes me the most proud of your coaching is you exploit the weaknesses and show them where and how to improve them, but you don't make an *** of them. You have taught me to use my strengths to the fullest and perfect the weaknesses. In my books you are one of the best coaches..."

"Motivation, always giving life lessons before games both dealing with hockey and life. Professionalism, respectful which breeds respect from the kids, always positive, smiling, you talk to young adults at the same level (you don't talk down to them)."
Karen H

Are You Ready To Kick Your Life Into High Gear?

If One-on-One Doesn't Work For you I Have a Group Program Too!

Did You know that I Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

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